“State Dance Ensemble” of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Saltanat”

In 1955, under the leadership of the People’s Artist of the Kazakh SSR, Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR – Lydia Demyanovna Chernysheva was created an ensemble of song and dance of the Kazakh SSR was created. The team consisted of young graduates of the Alma-Ata and Kiev Conservatories, the Leningrad and Alma-Ata music schools.

The concept of the ensemble dictated the requirements for the members of the group, who should not only be able to dance, but also be ambassadors of peace, friendship and unity of nations. Therefore, taking the winged words “Beauty will save the world” as the motto, the ensemble carried out its function by means of songs and dances.

From the first years of its existence, the collective actively participates with its program in various festivals and competitions. Becomes the winner of the All-Union Festival and the winner of the World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow city.

"State Dance Ensemble" of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Saltanat"

In 1967, for his great achievements in the development of musical, vocal and choreographic art and high performing skills, the ensemble was awarded the honorary title “Honored” by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR.

In 1989, by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR, the Kazakh SSR Song and Dance Ensemble was reorganized into the State Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Saltanat”.

The last fifteen years of the creative life of the State Honored Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Saltanat” is inextricably linked with the times of restructuring and democratic changes in the Republic.

During this period, cardinal changes took place in the work of the ensemble, which determined the main direction in the development of a new style in Kazakh stage choreography and the promotion of world choreographic culture.

The previous rich experience of the ensemble, as well as the appointment by the Ministry of Culture as artistic director and chief choreographer of the ensemble “Saltanat”, former soloist of the ensemble “Gulder”, author of numerous publications for higher educational institutions on the methods of teaching choreography of Kazakh folk dance, the best student of the national artist of the Kazakh SSR Shara Zhienkulova – Honored Art Worker of RK Gulsaule Orumbayeva allowed to quickly reform and reorganize the creative process, create a new style, which consisted in the synthesis of folk dance folklore and classical dance school. Such an alloy made it possible to convey from the stage authentic poetry, inner strength and beauty of the dances of the peoples of Kazakhstan.

"State Dance Ensemble" of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Saltanat"

This fact was unanimously awarded by an international jury at a competition of folk dance groups in Pusan city (South Korea, 1998). The team “Saltanat” became the winner and was awarded a diploma with a congratulatory inscription on sandalwood. In the same year, at the invitation of the government of Moscow, the ensemble took part in the celebration of the 850th anniversary of Moscow, and was awarded the Certificate of Honor by the Mayor of Moscow, Mr. Luzhkov S.M. Folk art became the basis for the ensemble “Saltanat”, in which endless possibilities for creating and expanding the repertoire with new choreographic works were made. And the Kazakh folk dance performed by the ensemble “Saltanat” became a symbol of friendship and unity of nations in all concert performances.

Tours of the ensemble at home and abroad from 2000 to 2004, in the rural regions of Kazakhstan received a living hail in the hearts of the people. The team received numerous reviews and thanks from many managers, and a series of large foreign tours from 2001 to 2006 in the PRC, where the ensemble averaged 3 to 6 months a year, as well as in Turkey, Russia, Belgium, USA showed the correctness of the chosen creative way and repertoire. The Ministry of Culture of China gave our team the highest distinction for professionalism and skill, signed by the leaders of 16 provinces in China.

The annual reporting concerts of “Saltanat” ensemble in the capital cities of Astana and Almaty with a new program always have great success with guests and residents of both capitals. Foreign spectators and critics say: “To watch the concert of the ensemble “Saltanat” is like going to an unfamiliar country and getting to know its people. The art of “Saltanat” is “very popular” in the best sense of the word. It is intertwined with the depth of traditions and cultures, the tone of modernity”.

All these successes have been achieved with incredible work, incredible enthusiasm, and professionalism of the whole team. At the present stage of its creative development, “Saltanat” ensemble has in its repertoire more than 130 numbers, including a multicolor palette of dances of the peoples of Kazakhstan and a variety of choreographic culture of the peoples of the world.

"State Dance Ensemble" of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Saltanat"

Formed over the past decade, the artistic and pedagogical team, under the leadership of Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulsaule Orumbayeva, has become associates and like-minded people in spirit and creative plans.

Teacher-tutor, People’s Artist of the Kazakh SSR Inessa Manskaya, tutors Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sultan Bapov, Bagitbai Kadyshev they pass on their vast experience of dance and pedagogical work to young ballet dancers, daily honing the mastery of the young on the current and future repertoire with their professional care and scrupulousness. Therefore, each concert of the ensemble is unique.

A bright galaxy of ballet dancers brought up in the ensemble “Saltanat” with their sincere enthusiasm and spontaneity, high technique of performance, underlines the coherence, true nationality of dance, create a bright gallery of dance images.

The creativity of the dance ensemble “Saltanat” and the individual skills of the artists, managers and service personnel were repeatedly marked by government awards and prizes of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Sixteen ballet dancers were awarded the honorary title of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Cultural professional”, three employees received a government award – a medal “For exclusive work contribution”.

Art director, Chief ballet master, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulsaule Orumbayeva was awarded the Order “Kurmet” (Honor).

The congratulatory letter of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev on the eve of the ensemble “Saltanat” celebrating its 50th anniversary since its foundation, as well as the leaders of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, many prominent political figures of the republic, cultural figures, numerous congratulations fans of the ensemble.

Today the State Honored Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Saltanat” is the only professional dance group that promotes the rich heritage of the national choreographic culture and the diversity of world choreography.

More than half a century ago, one of the best representatives of the culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the artistic director of the Saltanat ensemble, Gulsaul Orumbayeva, implements the principles laid down more than half a century ago about a wide professional performance and promotion of Kazakh folk dance. She is one of the best examples of the successful development of cultural policy and all democratic transformations carried out by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev.